Undisturbed hours

Laudinella Library

Our publicly accessible library invites you to get to know the works of the artists who stayed in the special landscape of the Engadin at leisure. Equipped with comfortable reading chairs, reading lamps and small tables, you can spend undisturbed hours here.

The Laudinella Engadin Library is constantly growing, for example through the signed works of the authors who spend the night in the Laudinella and organize readings. Cultural and literary magazines complement the offer. The hotel library is right next to the works of the writers who were and are guests in the Laudinella and in the Engadin yesterday and today.

We've been collecting all sorts of books since 1960 - that's how a wonderful jumble of around 2000 titles came together.

Embark on a book journey with guaranteed surprises.

We've been collecting all sorts of books since 1960 - it's a wonderful jumble of around 2000 titles.
Embark on a book trip with guaranteed surprises!
the perfect place to work undisturbed

Library workspace

Our library is also an excellent resource for your business needs. Get some privacy and dedicate yourself to your business affairs at any time of the day or night.

Surrender to your thoughts and immerse yourself in a calm atmosphere!


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