Terms and Conditions

1. General terms and conditions
1.1. Area of application
The available general trading conditions apply to the hire of rooms and/or seminar and banquet facilities, as well as all associated additional services and sup-plies of the Laudinella AG (in the following "Hotel") to customers. All offers of the hotel are based on the following general terms & conditions.
They form an integrating component of every agreement between the hotel and a customer. Should the available terms & conditions contradict any possible contractual requirements of a customer, the available general terms & conditions will take precedence.

1.2. Conclusion of agreement
Following the reservation by the customer, he will receive a written reservation confirmation from the hotel in duplicate. The agreement between the parties is deemed to be concluded with the return of the signed reservation confirmation to the hotel.
With guests arriving spontaneously or extending their stay directly at the hotel, the contract will be concluded verbally.

1.3. Services, payments and prices
The hotel commits to rendering the services ordered by the customer and confirmed in writing by the hotel or providing adequate alternatives.
All prices are quoted in Swiss Francs (CHF) and include the statutory value-added tax (VAT.). Price adjustments remain expressly reserved by the hotel prior to the conclusion of the agreement.

At its discretion, the hotel is entitled to request an ap-propriate prepayment. The amount of the prepayment and the dates of payment are agreed upon in writing in the agreement. Should the customer fail to commit to his prepayment obligation in due time, the hotel is entitled to terminate the agreement after an appropri-ate extension period. The customer is liable to the hotel for any damage resulting from such failure. If the hotel requests no prepayment, the full invoice amount is payable at the latest with the departure of the customer by credit card, debit card, or in cash. With payment on invoice, the full invoice amount is due within 10 days of the invoice date.
If no deposit is requested by the hotel, the entire invoice amount must be paid by the customer by credit card, debit card or Twint at the latest on departure. If payment by invoice is agreed, the entire invoice amount is due within 10 days of the invoice date.

1.4. Liability
The customer bears liability towards the hotel for all damages and losses or other damages, which are caused by him, his family members, his employees and his event participants.
The hotel rejects all liabilities from theft and/or dam-age to material property, which is brought in by the customer, event participants or third parties, connected to the customer. The insurance of luggage, exhibition objects, as well as other items, which are brought in by the customer or event participants, falls under the responsibilities of the customer. The hotel may require proof of sufficient insurance cover from the customer at any time and the hotel's discretion.

1.5. Withdrawal of the Laudinella AG
Should the execution of hotel services, as specified in the agreement, become wholly or partly impeded or impossible due to force majeure or for reasons not attributable to the hotel, the hotel will inform the customer immediately. The hotel may withdraw in full or partially from the part of the contract not yet fulfilled.
No compensation will be paid. The hotel is also entitled to the withdrawal without compensation, where there are reasonable grounds for an event endangering openly smooth business operations, safety or the reputation of the hotel. The hotel expressly reserves possible claims for compen-sation against the customer.

2. Hotel rooms
2.1. Arrival / departure times
The hotel room is available from 3 p.m. on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10:30 a.m. on the day of departure.

2.2. Impossible arrival
Should the customer fail to arrive, or arrive late, as a result of force majeure (floods, avalanches, earthquakes, etc.), he is not obligated to pay for the missed days. The customer must provide evidence of the impossibility to travel to the hotel. The obligation to pay is reinstated at the moment the inward journey becomes possible.

2.3. Room contingents
The hotel receives a list of participants with the follow-ing data from the customer, at the latest, 21 days prior to the arrival: First name and surname of all guests, arrival time, conditions of payment of each guest.
At the expiration of the period specified by the hotel, remaining available rooms of the respective contingent will be once more released for sale.

2.4. Cancellation conditions
• From 26.12. – 10.01. Cancellation 30 days before arrival free of charge
• All other cancellation conditions are based on the rules stated on the confirmation or in the agreed contract.
With later cancellations, 100% of the agreed price is due for payment. Additionally, the hotel will charge the customer in full for all services delivered in advance.
Non-cancellable rates require 100% prepayment at the time of the concluded reservation. No cancellation or changes are possible thereafter.
The resale of rooms is possible only after arrange-ment with the hotel.

The hotel reserves the right to specify individual can-cellation conditions as part of the agreement.

3. Banquets / seminars / events
3.1. Use of rooms and permits
Unless otherwise agreed, the premises are available from 8 a.m. and must be completely vacated on the last evening.
The hotel reserves the right to make room changes. The hotel will take into account the size of the group. A subletting or re-letting of rooms or areas by the customer requires the prior written approval of the hotel.
Unless the individual contract provides otherwise, the organizer must obtain any necessary permits himself and on his own account.
Copyright compensation related to musical perfor-mances is to be registered and cleared with SUISA by the organiser.

3.2. Number of participants
The organizer will notify the hotel of the final minimum number of participants at least
• 48 hours in advance for banquets
• 3 days in advance for seminars
days in advance of seminars Should the effective number of persons be less than booked, the originally indicated number is considered as invoice basis; should the effective number of per-sons be higher than booked, the hotel will not warrant for the consideration of all guests, and the effective costs will be charged.

3.3. Facilities/ program sequence
The desired room furnishings / seating and the exact program schedule must be announced to the hotel 1 week before the event.

3.4. Information material / printed material
The affixation of information material outside of the rented room is to be coordinated with the hotel. The use of logos or images of the hotel in any form by the organiser always requires the previous written permission of the hotel.

3.5. Catering
The final selection of menus, coffee breaks and wines must be forwarded to the hotel 14 days prior to the event. If there are no other agreements in place, the organiser is obligated to obtain all meals and bever-ages from the hotel.
Any brought beverage bottles will be charged with a corkage fee of CHF 45.00 for bottles of 75cl and CHF 85.00 for bottles of 150cl.
Perfect quality of the meals can be only guaranteed if the agreed times are kept or the organiser informs the hotel at least 1 hour in advance about any changes.
Informed about changes 1 hour in advance.

3.6. Night surcharge
From midnight onwards, CHF 250.00 (up to 60 people) and CHF 350.00 (from 61 people) will be charged per started hour.

3.7. Deposit
Unless otherwise agreed, 50% of the offered amount are due 14 days before the event as a deposit.

3.8. Cancellation conditions
The cancellation is free of charge up to 14 days before the event.
In the event of later cancellations, 100% of the agreed price will be due. Services provided in advance by the hotel must be paid for in any case.

3.9. Damage/cleaning/waste
In any case, the client/customer is liable for all damage that occurs to rooms, facilities, furniture, etc.

If special cleaning or additional waste collection needs to be carried out due to exceptional contamination, the client/customer will be charged for the additional effort.

4. Delivery
4.1. Orders
All orders are confirmed as such, once you receive our confirmation email.

4.2. Services and price
Orders are processed after receipt. Requested delivery times are considered whenever possible, are, however, not guaranteed.
The prices include VAT. The published prices are binding and are confirmed accordingly. Price changes may arise in the case of special requests. Delivery costs are charged to the total invoice according to published prices.
A refund of already paid, but not used services is not possible unless caused by rough negligence.
Delays in delivery do not entitle the customer to cancel the binding order.

4.3. Withdrawal
Cancellations and changes can be received only by telephone, immediately after the confirmation. With later cancellations of the order, production costs might be charged.

4.4. Terms of payment
All invoices are to be paid upon delivery by credit card or Twint. Invoicing is not possible.

4.5. Liability
The drive is liable for damage, gross contamination or loss or the entire delivery, or parts thereof. Relevant claims must be communicated to the driver at the time of the delivery. Thereafter, the delivery is considered as complete, and no claim for compensation is ac-cepted. The hotel Laudinella is not responsible for late or missing deliveries.

4.6. Selling alcoholic beverages Drinks for young people
According to cantonal legislation, the sale of alcohol to young people is subject to various restrictions. Under no alcohol is generally sold to young people under 18 years of age. By stating that the customer is over 18 years of age, he/she confirms this bindingly so that this regulation and the legal requirements can be complied with.

5. Courses
5.1. Registration
Registration is possible up to the specified registration deadline and registration is binding. Later registrations can be accepted, provided that there are still free course places available.

5.2. Deregistration
Cancellation without any costs is possible up to the date of the registration deadline. For cancellations made at a later point in time, 100% of the course fees will be charged.

5.3. Deposit
The course fees are to be paid in full (100%) in advance within 10 days after the registration deadline or a credit card must be deposited as a guarantee.

5.4. Course implementation
The definitive implementation of the course will be confirmed in writing no later than 5 days after the registration deadline.

6. Applicable law / place of jurisdiction
Only Swiss law applies to this agreement with St. Moritz as the place of jurisdiction. Should individual or several provisions of these general terms & conditions be invalid in whole or in part, the validity of the remaining provisions will remain unaffected.

St. Moritz, February 2024

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