Restaurant Lej da Staz

The Lej da Staz restaurant offers a fantastic view of the lake and the surrounding pine forest as well as various Swiss dishes.
Lej da Staz opening hours

reopened from 13 June 2024


Kiosk Lej da Staz

At rustic wooden tables at the self-service kiosk, walkers can take a break and get something to eat. Various quiches, French fries, nuggets, paninis and sandwiches are on offer. Homemade ice tea, various soft drinks, local beer, a small but fine selection of wines and various types of coffee and tea.
Kiosk opening hours

reopened from 13 June 2024


NEW: Our BBQ grill backpacks! You buy the barbecue package you want at the kiosk and we will lend you a backpack with a blanket and table accessories. Grilling has never been so convenient!


Cuisine in the Laudinella universe.

Top quality is our motto and strive to pamper you from start to finish. At the various Laudinella restaurants, we have a wide range of culinary delights: from gourmet to hearty and from international to traditional regional and Swiss. If the choice is difficult for you, we have done everything right.

Siam Wind (Thailand)

Our Thai kitchen crew prepares the aromatic dishes fresh in the wok. The dishes from the Far East are low in calories, rich in vitamins, easy to digest and warm your heart and soul...

Kura (Japan)

Japan has a particularly healthy, low-fat and tasty cuisine. Sushi, maki, sashimi and other traditional dishes will delight you. Enjoy the cold and warm...

Pizzeria Caruso (Italy)

Watch the pizza makers swing the dough wheels before they conjure up delicious, crispy pizzas from the wood-fired oven. One of our most popular restaurants. Meet here...

Stuva (Switzerland)

A varied buffet: put together your own breakfast and menu. In the evening you can expect a wide variety of starters and main courses, salads and desserts. Also ...

Restaurant Corvatsch (Switzerland)

The cozy Engadine restaurant is known and loved for its first-class, typically Swiss character. Regional alpine cuisine such as capuns, pizzocheri, fondue and raclette will take you on a culinary journey through this enchanted region.

GourmIndia (India)

Enjoy South Asian cuisine in our pop-up restaurant GourmIndia. Our Indian chefs conjure up authentic Indian specialties. The creations are inspired by the original Indian cuisine,...

Restaurant Lej da Staz (Switzerland)

In the Lej da Staz restaurant you can expect a fantastic view of the lake and the surrounding pine forest as well as various Swiss dishes to share (sharing concept).

Vic's Brasserie (France)

In the stylish ambience of the newly renovated brasserie we serve authentic French dishes and fine wines.

Tubbo pop up

During the Laudinella renovation in 2024, we will spoil you in our Tubbo Pop-Up Restaurant with the Laudinella classics from Italian, Thai and Japanese cuisine.

Stazer Easter egg hunt

On Sunday, March 31, 2024, we will be hosting an Easter egg hunt at Lej da Staz from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The best finder gets a great prize.

The kiosk and restaurant are open normally, you can look forward to fine brioche bunnies and Güggeli from the grill.

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