Water Sports


Sailing on a mountain vacation - a contradiction? Not in the Engadine! Thanks to the legendary Malojawid, which starts shortly after noon on sunny summer days, not only mountaineers but also passionate water sports enthusiasts get their money's worth. Wind strengths of 3 to 6 Beaufort ensure perfect conditions at 1,800 meters above sea level. And that against the impressive mountain backdrop of the Graubünden Alps. Where else can you enjoy this unique combination ?!

For sailors, Lake St. Moritz and Lake Sils offer the best conditions for learning all kinds of sailing maneuvers and for having fun. The St. Moritz sailing club on the shores of Lake St. Moritz and the Engadin Segeln site in Plaun da Lej, between Sils and Maloja, offer courses at different levels.
It is also possible to rent sailing boats for leisurely trips here. While regular ragattas and various sailing events and championships take place on Lake St. Moritz, sailors glide over the water in idyllic tranquility on Lake Sils.
Water Sports

Wind and kite surfing

Lake Silvaplana, on the other hand, is mainly populated by windsurfers and kite surfers in summer. As soon as the Maloja wind sets in around noon, the colorful sails of the windsurfers are hoisted and you can see the colorful kites of the kite surfers dancing in the sky - a spectacle that also regularly casts its spell on passers-by. The windsurfing school Silvaplana has two locations, in Silvaplana and Sils, for beginners and advanced surfers for sure. Kitesurfers, or those who want to become one, should contact the Swiss Kitesurf School in Silvaplana, the first kitesurf school in the world. Because here on Lake Silvaplana, the trend sport that is now popular all over the world has its origins.

Athletes and spectators can get refreshment in the surf center Café Pappaloù or in the restaurant of the sports center Mulets right next door. Of course with the best view of the hustle and bustle on the lake.
Those who prefer to try “kiting” with solid ground under their feet can do so with snowkiting in winter. With skis or snowboards on the frozen, snow-covered Lake Silvaplana or Lago Bianco.
The legendary “Engadinwind” surf marathon has been attracting numerous athletes from all over the world to the Engadin's unique lake landscape for over 40 years. Although participation is open to everyone, the crème de la crème of the water sports scene meets here. The marathon is the oldest windsurfing regatta that takes place in the Engadine every year. The 7-day event has grown into one of the largest water sports events in the Engadine and brings wind and kite surfers, sailors and SUP surfers together at the various events and races.
Water Sports

Paddling, rowing & swimming

You can experience the Engadine lakes in peaceful tranquility the morning before the Maloja wind sets in, or on one of the rare windless days with stand up paddling (SUP for short). Originally created in the waves, this type of surfing is ideal for relaxed gliding on calm waters. SUP rental is offered at most sailing and surfing schools in the Engadine.

Another way to explore the Engadine waters is by canoe, kayak and rowing boat. Cozy on one of the lakes, or sporty rafting on the Inn accompanied by a guide from a professional activity agency.
Guests and locals alike prefer to enjoy a dip in the refreshing blue of the Engadin bathing lakes. In summer the water temperature rises well up to 20 degrees and even beyond. Perfect for a pleasant refreshment on warm days. Whether at sunrise in the idyllic Stazersee, in the somewhat cooler Cavloccio Lake near Maloja, or in between with a picnic at one of the many fire pits at Lej Marsch, a great bathing experience is guaranteed.
Water Sports


River rafting in the Engadine is a wild adventure. This nature experience offers fun and thrills for all age groups. Here you can discover the valley from a completely new perspective. From gentle waters to raging rivers, rafting with the Engadin Outdoor Center offers plenty of variety.

The family rafting tours are carried out on different rivers depending on the water level. Paddling on the white water river Flaz becomes more adventurous, while it is relaxed and idyllic towards the calmer section of the river Inn. Both options convince with a phenomenal landscape and are a special experience for young and old! 
There are smaller rapids and natural water slides that invite you to swim and linger. Back at the rafting base there are cold drinks, a warm shower and a picture show of the tour covered. This unforgettable river rafting experience is a highlight for every adventure seeker.
Unique in the Engadine

Water sports on a mountain vacation

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