Laudinella AG

On January 19, 2018, the Laudinella cooperative, founded in 1956, was converted into an AG by means of a ballot with an approval of 93.36 %. This decision by the members of the cooperative paved the way to generate funds for the necessary investments in Laudinella, which opened in 1957. This created the basis for maintaining and expanding the infrastructure of the hotel and cultural operations for the future in St. Moritz.

Information on corporate strategy, key figures and shares of Laudinella AG can be found in the annual reports and minutes of the general meetings.

Christoph Maximilian Schlatter, CEO, will be happy to provide you with personal information.

Annual report


Protocol - March 22nd, 2019

1st General Assembly of Laudinella AG - March 22, 2019

Minutes - 11/13/2019

Extraordinary General Meeting of Laudinella AG - November 13, 2019

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