Cult. Culture. High culture.

Experience a hotel in which great emphasis is placed on art. Artists in residence are guests with us throughout the whole year; at certain events – concerts, speeches, exhibitions, lectures, discussions, hotel guests and the public can unceremoniously meet artists. Afterwards, you certainly won’t want to miss this special atmosphere again!

We would like to thank Kulturförderung Graubünden and St. Moritz Cultur for their contribution to the Laudinella cultural program.


29may20:3021:30Violin recital: form, imagination, passionMichael Grube plays works by Biber, Paganini, Vieuxtemps, Mazas, and others.Hotel LaudinellaEventtyp:Event


07jun18:1520:45Final Concert "Garden of Jasmine Sound"Direction: Arisa Fujita, Michel Michalakakos, Yuki Shinozaki, Yasumi TakiHotel LaudinellaEventtyp:Event

14jun20:3021:30Final concert chanson courseDirection: Annette PostelHotel LaudinellaEventtyp:Event

16jun18:3022:00Table d’hôte – Food, cultur, storiesMountain springHotel LaudinellaEventtyp:Event

20jun17:3019:00Annual Exhibition Kulturarchiv OberengadinVernissage: humour and playHotel LaudinellaEventtyp:Event

23jun18:3022:00Menu musical«Beflügelt»Hotel LaudinellaEventtyp:Event

24jun20:3022:00Culture researches: Book collections and libraries in GrisonsPresentation and conversation with Jan-Andrea BernhardHotel LaudinellaEventtyp:Event

26jun20:3022:00Reading Eveline Hasler«Tochter des Geldes» Hotel LaudinellaEventtyp:Event

27jun20:3022:00Duo KonzertConcours Géza Anda award winner Aleksander Shaikin, piano and Mikhail Kovalkov, violinHotel LaudinellaEventtyp:Event


06jul20:3020:30Brexit BarockAnne-Marieke Evers, Mezzo-Sopran; Anita Orme Della-Marta, Flute; Emanuele Forni, TheorbeEventtyp:Event

12jul17:0018:00Final concert course week for advanced alphorn playersKatholische Kirche St. Karl BorromäusEventtyp:Event

26jul20:3021:30Closing Ceremony Leimentaler KammerorchesterSerenade concert, conductor and concertmaster: Wim ViersenHotel Reine VictoriaEventtyp:Event

29jul19:3020:30Engadine Festival - Documentary Concours Géza AndaSRF documentary about the competition 2018Hotel LaudinellaEventtyp:Event

29jul20:3022:00Engadine Festival - Piano Recital Claire Huangci1. Prize Concours Géza Anda 2018Hotel LaudinellaEventtyp:Event


04aug17:0018:30Engadine FestivalNuria Rial, Sopran; Avi Avital, Mandoline; Kammerorchester BaselEventtyp:Event

07aug17:3018:30Jazz@Reine VictoriaKarin Ospelt QuartettHotel Reine VictoriaEventtyp:Event

08aug17:3018:30Jazz@Reine VictoriaKarin Ospelt QuartettHotel Reine VictoriaEventtyp:Event

17aug17:0018:00generations unit on tourLeaders: Adrian Mears, tb (AUS)Hotel Reine VictoriaEventtyp:Event


01sep20:3022:00Opening Concert Master Class for PianoDirection: Karl Andreas Kolly Eventtyp:Event

05sep20:3022:00People in the hotelA scenic-musical reading based on the famous novel by Vicki BaumHotel Reine VictoriaEventtyp:Event

07sep20:3022:00Final Concert Master Class for PianoDirection: Karl Andreas KollyHotel LaudinellaEventtyp:Event

11sep20:3021:30Angelika Overath reads from her latest novelHotel LaudinellaEventtyp:Event

12sep17:3018:30Jazz@Reine VictoriaHotel Reine VictoriaEventtyp:Event

13sep17:3018:30Jazz@Reine VictoriaHotel Reine VictoriaEventtyp:Event

25sep20:3021:30Engadine storiesModeration: Cordula SegerHotel Reine VictoriaEventtyp:Event


09oct20:3022:00Symphonic Brass ProjectDirection: Albert MarbacherHotel LaudinellaEventtyp:Event