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Dear audience

We hope to delete the following lines from this event page as soon as possible.

Until then we kindly ask you to stay at home if you feel ill. And for the protection of all of us, please take a moment to read through our protection concept for cultural events.

We thank you for your cooperation and are looking forward to your visit and wish you good health!

Your Laudinella Culture Team

More about our general protective measures.


10aug20:3021:30Engadine storiesDominik Sackmann in conversation with Heinz Holliger and Claudio Chiogna, former director of the Engadin Festival. Hotel Reine VictoriaEventtyp:Event

25aug20:3021:30Reading Andrea Keller and Tanja KummerArtists in ResidenceHotel Reine VictoriaEventtyp:Event


01sep20:3022:00Engadine StoriesChasper Linard Schmidlin Hotel Reine VictoriaEventtyp:Event

02sep17:3018:30Jazz@Reine VictoriaBeyond Borders feat. Radoslava VorgicHotel Reine VictoriaEventtyp:Event

03sep17:3018:30Jazz@Reine VictoriaBeyond Borders feat. Radoslava VorgicHotel Reine VictoriaEventtyp:Event

09sep20:3021:30Simone Lappertreads from her new novel "Der Sprung"Hotel Reine VictoriaEventtyp:Event

29sep20:3021:30"Berg und Breakfast"A panorama of tourist longings and disillusionmentsHotel Reine VictoriaEventtyp:Event


06oct20:3021:30KULTUR forscht: Bathing and drinking in the mountainsHealing springs in Graubünden 16th to 19th century. Lecture and discussion with Mirella CarboneHotel Reine VictoriaEventtyp:Event

08oct20:3021:30Arno Camenisch readsfrom his latest novel "Der Schatten über dem Dorf"Hotel Reine VictoriaEventtyp:Event

13oct20:0021:00Symphonic Brass ProjectDirection: Albert MarbacherHotel Reine VictoriaEventtyp:Event

16oct17:0018:00Final concert recorder ensemble courseDirection: Martina JoosKatholische Kirche St. Karl BorromäusEventtyp:Event

22oct20:3021:30Final concert orchestra weekDirection: Marianne SchönbächlerHotel Reine VictoriaEventtyp:Event


05nov20:3021:30Latest Engadine literatureModeration: Richard ReichHotel LaudinellaEventtyp:Event

10nov20:3021:30Engadine StoriesGiovanni NetzerHotel Reine VictoriaEventtyp:Event

13nov20:3023:50MilongaHotel Reine VictoriaEventtyp:Event

24nov20:3021:30CULTURE researches: The perceived and lived diversity of languages and dialects in the canton of GraubündenLecture and discussion with the linguist Noemi Adam-GrafHotel Reine VictoriaEventtyp:Event


29dec17:0018:00Puppet theatreTheater FÄHRBETRIEBHotel Reine VictoriaEventtyp:Event


19feb20:3022:00«Winnetou: The Treasure in the Silver Lake»The Kammerphilharmonie Graubünden plays live; Management: Ludwig WickiHotel LaudinellaEventtyp:Event

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