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Experience a hotel in which great emphasis is placed on art. Artists in residence are guests with us throughout the whole year; at certain events – concerts, speeches, exhibitions, lectures, discussions, hotel guests and the public can unceremoniously meet artists. Afterwards, you certainly won’t want to miss this special atmosphere again!

We would like to thank Kulturförderung Graubünden and St. Moritz Cultur for their contribution to the Laudinella cultural program.


07jun17:3018:30Duo Praxedis Harp & PianoPraxedis Hug-Rütti, Harp; Praxedis Geneviève Hug, PianoHotel Reine VictoriaEventtyp:Event

12jun20:3021:30Final concert chanson courseDirection: Annette PostelHotel LaudinellaEventtyp:Event

17jun20:3021:30KULTUR forscht: Bathing and drinking in the mountainsHealing springs in Graubünden 16th to 19th century. Lecture and discussion with Karin Fuchs.Hotel Reine VictoriaEventtyp:Event


01jul20:3021:30Engadine storiesDiane Conrad-DaubrahHotel Reine VictoriaEventtyp:Event

10jul17:0018:00Final concert course week for advanced alphorn playersHotel LaudinellaEventtyp:Event

30jul20:3022:00Engadine Festival - Gershwin Piano QuartettAndré Deponds, Stefan Wirth, Benjamin Engeli, Mischa CheungHotel Reine VictoriaEventtyp:Event

31jul18:0019:00Final concert Vocal Groove CourseDirection: Claus Letter and Friedwart GoebelsHotel LaudinellaEventtyp:Event


06aug11:1512:00Linard BardillWandering and singing through the world with donkeysHotel LaudinellaEventtyp:Event

19aug20:3021:30Reading Andrea Keller and Tanja KummerArtists in ResidenceHotel Reine VictoriaEventtyp:Event


19sep17:0018:00Vico Torriani GalaAnniversary celebration for the 100th birthday of the probably most famous son of St. Moritz.Hotel Reine VictoriaEventtyp:Event

23sep20:3021:30Engadine storiesDaniel BumannHotel Reine VictoriaEventtyp:Event

27sep17:0018:00Litteratura ruma(u)ntschaFlurina Badel, Nina Dazzi, Tina Planta lesen aus ihren Texten. Moderation: Romana GanzoniHotel LaudinellaEventtyp:Event


07oct20:0021:00Symphonic Brass ProjectDirection: Albert MarbacherHotel LaudinellaEventtyp:Event

28oct20:3021:30CULTURE researches: The perceived and lived diversity of languages and dialects in the canton of GraubündenLecture and discussion with the linguist Noemi Adam-GrafHotel LaudinellaEventtyp:Event

30oct20:3021:30Latest Engadine literatureModeration: Richard ReichHotel LaudinellaEventtyp:Event


11nov20:3021:30Engadine storiesGian ClalünaHotel LaudinellaEventtyp:Event


26dec20:3021:30Christmas concertHotel LaudinellaEventtyp:Event

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