Mon24Jul20:30Opera Engiadina 2023Las secretezzas da Susanna

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A Romanesque "coffee opera" based on Ermanno Wolf-Ferraris

«The secret of Susanna»

Ermanno Wolf-Ferraris (1876 - 1948) Intermezzo comico "Il segreto di Susanna" is an unknown jewel of operatic literature. The two-person play, which lasts a good 50 minutes, describes the jealousy and reconciliation of the married couple Gil and Susanna. In a slight modification of the original, Susanna secretly drinks Badilatti coffee and smokes cigarettes in the Romanesque Engadin version, whereupon the husband suspects a lover and makes scenes with his wife. Then, with the help of the servant Sante (silent role), things turn out to be much more harmless, and the couple swear eternal love to each other with wonderful music.


Susanna: Sara-Bigna Janett (soprano)

Gil: Flurin Caduff (bass-baritone)

Sante (servant, silent role): Daniel Badilatti

Direction / Stage: Riikka Laeser

Camerata Pontresina

Musical direction: Claudio Danuser


Admission: CHF 30.00, advance sales from July 1, 2023

Pre-registrations please


Monday, July 24, 2023 8:30 p.m


Brigitte & Henri B. Meier Concert Hall, Hotel Laudinella

Via Tegiatscha 17, St. Moritz

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