do21Mar20:30The Engadine life. People tell their personal storiesElvira Salis-Ganzoni

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Elvira Salis-Ganzoni was born in Sottoponte (Bondo) and has lived in her family home for 81 years. When it was destroyed by the Bondo landslide in 2017, she moved to Sils.

Elvira Sali's life is characterized by her connection to the culture and traditions of Bergell and her interest and commitment to women's causes. After training in manual labor and housekeeping at the women's school in Chur, she returned to Bergell in 1957. For 40 years she taught at various elementary schools, also gave courses in cooking, crocheting and embroidery for women, helped in agriculture and was involved in the women's association for equality, education and health for women.

Elvira Salis is a well-read expert on the history of Bergell and a gifted storyteller.

Moderation: Mirella Carbone, research assistant at the IKG

In cooperation with the Association for Cultural Research Graubünden.

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Thursday, March 21, 2024 8:30 p.m


Hotel Laudinella

Via Tegiatscha 17, 7500 St. Moritz

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