do23Nov20:15St. Moritz Dramatic Association“In old freshness” comedy by Stefan Vogel

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Knight Ludwig von Schwitters-Elblingen, once the director of an elite school, lives alone and withdrawn in his small city apartment. The Sunday Trivial Pursuit rounds with his friends and the food deliveries from the inn provide some variety, but Ludwig keeps everyone at a distance with his know-it-all and grumpy nature.

But one Sunday, single mother Paula shows up at the door with dinner and brings a breath of fresh air into Ludwig's everyday life with her cheeky mouth and carefree nature. After some initial difficulties, an unusual friendship develops that turns the lives of everyone involved upside down. 

Director: Selma Mahlknecht

Contributors: Franco Tramèr, Patrizia Müller, Corinna Ravo, Arno Lazzarini, Marilyn Giacometti, Lidia Poltera

Technology: Andrea Biffi with team

Ticket reservation: St. Moritz Tourismus T +41 81 837 33 33

Box office from 7 p.m., tickets can only be paid for in cash.

Cat. I: CHF 35.-, Cat. II: CHF 30.-, Cat. III CHF 25.-

Sunday: Children up to 16 years CHF 15.-

Further information:


Thursday, November 23, 2023 8:15 p.m


Brigitte & Henri B. Meier Concert Hall, Hotel Laudinella

Via Tegiatscha 17, St. Moritz

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