Hotel Steeped in History.

The Hotel Reine Victoria in St. Moritz Bad, which is decorated in a neo-Baroque style, was built in 1875 by Nicolaus Hartmann Sen. and extended in 1895 by the Zurich firm, Chiodera & Tschudy. It is an excellent example illustrating the hotel boom at a time of emerging tourism. With its figurative decorative paintings, it belongs to the stylistically and technically rich oeuvre of the Milan artist, Antonio De Grada (1858-1938).

Built in 1875

In the style of neo-Barock

The figurative and floral decorative paintings are directly related to those found in Zurich villas and sacral buildings in northern Italy. Already back in the 1870s, the Engadin was both a reference point and workplace for the artist, not least due to his close friendship with his childhood friend, Giovanni Segantin.” (Dr. Marc Philip Seidel, The Reine Victoria in St. Moritz – a showcase hotel in the historicist style)

Article about the architectural history of the hotel (From: Piz 51, magazin for the Engadin and Bündner Südtäler.)

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