do29Aug20:30Mireille ZindelReads from her novel “Fest”, moderated by Romana Ganzoni

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The Zurich author Mireille Zindel reads from her new novel "Fest". Moderation: Romana Ganzoni.

Noëlle is in a psychiatric clinic in the canton of Jura, where her husband Bertram has taken her because she has been in love with a man named David for five years, who has not been in touch with her for several months. Noëlle, who does not know that she is delusional, thinks she is in Bertram's mother's holiday home, where she wants to recover from the last few stressful years. Although she recognizes that she is being treated by a psychiatrist, she does not see the daily routine of the clinic or the other patients around her. When Noëlle stops taking the medication, she begins to recognize the patients and the clinic. But she is not willing to give up her madness completely, because the game of reality and imagination also offers her a personal form of freedom.

»Fest« is about a painful love that leads to emotional dependence, escapism and loss of identity. In “Fest,” Zindel makes the shocks in the psyche of a lovesick woman vividly tangible using formal means that are reminiscent of a multi-cut crystal.

Tickets: CHF 10.00 online (E-guma) and at the box office from 7:30 p.m


Thursday, August 29, 2024 8:30 p.m.


Hotel Reine Victoria conference hall

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