Water Sports


Sailing, while on holiday in the mountains – impossible? Not in the Engadine! Thanks to the legendary Maloja wind, which sets in on sunny summer days in the afternoon, not only summiteers but also passionate water sports enthusiasts will have the time of their lives. Wind speeds from 3 to 6 Beaufort provide perfect conditions in 1800 meters above sea level. And that with the Grison Alpa as impressive mountain backdrop. Where else would one have the luxury of this unique combination?!

For sailors, Lake St. Moritz and Lake Sils offer the best conditions to learn all sailing manoeuvres and for sporty pleasure. The St. Moritz Segelclub at the banks of Lake St. Moritz and the location of Engadin Segeln in Plaun da Lej, between Sils and Maloja, offer courses for different levels. The rental of sailing boats for a relaxed cruise is here another option. While there are regular races on Lake St. Moritz, as well as a number of sailing events and championships, sailors tend to glide in idyllic peace on the waters of Lake Sils.

Water Sports


Lake Silvaplana, however, is mainly populated by wind and kite surfers during summer. As soon as the Maloja wind sets in around midday, the multicolored windsurfing sails are hoisted, and one can watch the colorful kites of kite surfers dancing in the sky – a play, which regularly charms even passerbys. The windsurfing school Silvaplana offers at two different locations in Silvaplana and Sils the right option for beginners and advanced surfers. Kite surfers or those, who want to give this sport a go should get in touch with the Swiss Kitesurf Schule in Silvaplana, the first kitesurfing school in the world. Because here, at Lake Silvaplana, the origins of this worldwide trendy sport are to be found.

Athletes and spectators will find the perfect refreshment next door at the Surfcenter Café Pappaloù or the restaurant of the sports centre Mulets. Of course, with best views of the colorful activities on the lake.
All those who prefer firm ground while “Kiting”, they can enjoy snowkiting in winter. Wind-powered skiing or snowboarding on the frozen, snow-covered Lake Silvaplana or Lago Bianco promise fun for

The legendary surf marathon “Engadinwind” draws numerous athletes from all over the world for more than 40 years to this unique lake scenery in the Engadine. Although the participation is open to all, the crème de la crème of the water sports scene is meeting here. The marathon is the oldest windsurfing regatta, which takes place every year in the Engadine. The seven-day event turned into one of the biggest water sports events in the Engadine and brings together kite surfers, sailors and SUP-surfers for all the different events and races.

Water Sports

Paddling, Rowing & Swimming

One experiences the Engadine lakes in the morning in peaceful quietness before the rise of the Maloja wind, or with some stand up paddling (short SUP) on one of the rare windless days. Originally evolved in the waves, this kind of surfing is ideal for some relaxed gliding on calm waters. SUP-rental is available from most sailing and surfing schools in the Engadine.
Another way to explore Engadine waters is by canoe, kayak and rowing boat. Leisurely on one of the lakes or sporty while rafting on the inn in the company of a guide from a professional activity agency.

Guests, as well as locals, equally enjoy a jump into the refreshing blue of the Engadine bathing lakes. In summer, the water temperature rises well up to 20 degrees, or even beyond that. Perfect for a pleasant refreshment on warm days. Whether at sunrise in the idyllic Lake Staz, in the somewhat cooler Lake Cavloccio with Maloja, or occasionally while picnicking at one of the many fireplaces at the Lej Marsch is, an exciting swimming experience is guaranteed.

Water Sports


Take advantage of white water rafting tours in Engadin. Easy, scenic and adrenaline full experience for all ages. Exploring the valley from a whole new perspective. Rafting offers a lot of variety from gentle waters to raging rivers. There are different sections to choose from depending on the water level.

One of them is the Flaz river which floats next to the famous mountain town, Pontresina, offering great views of the region around St. Moritz. The other section is on the Inn at the gateway of the Swiss National Park.

These trips are easy and scenic, offering great fun for all ages. On the way down the river there are smaller rapids, big splashes and some swimming to enjoy. Returning to rafting-base a warm shower, some refreshments and photos from the tour are waiting.

This unforgettable river rafting experience is a highlight for every adventure seeker.

Unique in the Engadine

Water Sports while on holiday in the mountains

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