June, 2022

02JunWhole day05Photography & awarenessFind my love Find my love!(Whole day) Hotel Laudinella, Via Tegiatscha 17, 7500 St. MoritzEvent type:Workshop

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Course content We keep talking about love. Everything revolves around love or its absence. We know exactly how heartache hurts and how a new love gives us wings. But what is love actually? A feeling? A bond? An obsession? What exactly does self-love mean? Can you love more than one at the same time? Or is there just one great love? The psychologist, photographer and author Amsél will introduce you to love over a period of three days. We take photos, write, tell, listen and dream. What role does love play in our own life? How do we cope with the loss of love and how do we find our way back to love? The wise speak of love as the path of paths: for healing and forgiveness, happiness and fulfillment are only possible when we love. Bring along Camera (smartphone is also suitable), USB stick, notebook or diary, writing materials Course leader Amsél, born in Zurich, lives and works as a photographer, author and psychologist in Zurich and Tangier in Morocco. Until 2000 she worked as a freelance reporter in the field of photography and journalism at home and abroad before she obtained a Master of Science degree in psychology and German studies from the University of Zurich. Amsél was one of the initiators of the Zurich artist movement kunsthaus oerlikon in the 80s. Since then she has published and exhibited numerous photographs and short stories. In 2010 she and Florian Vetsch published the photo-text volume Tanger Trance at Benteli Verlag. In 2017, Die Brotsuppe publishes her debut novel Wiedersehen in Tanger, which was awarded a sponsorship prize of CHF 10,000 by the City of Zurich. 2020 appeared her new book "JBALA Photograph" in the edition Till Schaap. Info: www.amsel.zone target group Women and men who like to take pictures and who want to deal more deeply with their perspective and the image material. Course fee 310.- Registration deadline May 01, 2022 Course flyer including room prices


June 2 (Thursday) - 5 (Sunday)


Hotel Laudinella

Via Tegiatscha 17, 7500 St. Moritz

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