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Forest bathing is a holistic health concept from Japan, where it is known under the term Shinrin Yoku. In doing so, humans actively engage in the forest ecosystem. Body, soul and spirit interact with the forest atmosphere. The pure, low-dust air, the essential fragrances of the plants, the calm and the rhythm of nature are able to positively influence the human organism and the soul. We can feel liveliness and lightness, blossom in the truest sense of the word. It is neither coincidence nor magic. For thousands of generations, the “outside” has been the home of people. Connected, rooted and skillful, we lived in the wilderness and are basically perfectly adapted to its conditions to this day. Against this background, nature-based therapy methods such as forest, garden and landscape therapy are becoming increasingly important. Forest therapists and forest bathing guides are trained to accompany individuals and groups in the forest in such a way that its health-promoting effects can unfold in the best possible way. Forest bathing can: relieve stress, ground, refresh, slow down, strengthen the immune system, increase well-being, stimulate balance and motor skills, give strength, train mindfulness, bring joy and ease, promote connection with nature, take leave of the mind, give space to emotions, green the soul , Let creativity flow - and much more. Course content In forest bathing we are physically and mentally active without exhausting ourselves. We go on a leisurely short hike every day. On the way we take a lot of time to linger in the landscape. For example, we dive into light larch forests, spruce forests and Swiss stone pine forests. On the way there are invitations to playful tasks, to sensory perception, to nature observation, to creative activity. The exchange in the group about what has been experienced and found is part of it - as well as a picnic together. Deceleration is guaranteed. Forest bathing is to be understood as health promoting and preventive. It is not a substitute for medical treatment. target group Anyone who wants to recharge their batteries in the beautiful nature of the Upper Engadine in an active and relaxed way. The prerequisite is curiosity and willingness to perceive our natural surroundings from completely different perspectives and to tickle all of the senses. Andrea Kippe (born 1967) In 2018 I acquired the certificate for "Forest Therapy and Health Counseling in the Integrative Procedure®" at the European Academy for Biopsychosocial Health and Creativity Promotion EAG. I also work as a wilderness educator and journalist and am co-author of the Rotpunkt hiking guide «Wanderwelt Val Müstair». The natural cycles of life and the attitude that we humans are just as much a part of nature as all other living beings are the guiding principles for my work. For me, making new, permanent connections to our natural environment with people is a privilege and a wonderful task that I love to dedicate myself to. Course fee CHF 320.- Registration deadline 23 August 2021 Course flyer including room prices


Thursday 2 September 2021 00:00 - Sunday 5 September 2021 23:59


Hotel Laudinella

Via Tegiatscha 17, 7500 St. Moritz

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